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  • Shavuot - שָׁבוּעוֹתrevi’i, 6 Sivan 5784 - chamishi, 7 Sivan 5784
    יום רביעי 6 סִיוָן 5784 - יום חמישי 7 סִיוָן 5784
  • National Loving Day

People of the Book Calendar Combining Jewish, Christian and Islamic calendars into one

The Christian (Gregorian) calendar is used world-wide as the universal calendar for business, much like English is a universal business language.

The Jewish and Islamic calendars are still in use today by members of those faiths and in certain countries. As a result, calendars combining either the Jewish or the Islamic calendar with the Christian calendar are readily available, but no calendar combines all three.

In my time at university I learned a great deal about the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions, and how closely related they are to each other. To me, it only makes sense that their calendars be used together as a tool to be aware of the important dates in each other’s lives.

When I finished university I searched for a calendar combining the Jewish, Christian and Islamic calendars, thinking surely it already existed.

I was shocked to be unable to find one!

So I created it myself.

I created this logo as a symbol of unity between Jewish, Christian and Muslim people. It is a simplified image of three people holding and reading one book together. I believe we are all “people of the book”, guided by the lives of our shared prophets and by the Word that has been given to us.

Jewish, Christian and Islamic calendars combined into one. I call it the People of the Book Calendar, referring to the “people of scripture”, specifically that of the three Abrahamic monotheistic religions.

The People of the Book Calendar displays the date, month and year in each calendar side-by-side. It shows holidays and important dates in each calendar.

Dates, months, years and important dates are color-coded to make it easy to distinguish them. Blue for Jewish. Red for Christian. Green for Islamic.

It also shows the current phase of the moon.

Through the People of the Book Calendar, we will always know when a friend or colleague or business prospect has a holiday or special day coming up.

It is also my hope that by using this calendar we will all passively learn more about each other, leading to a greater understanding between us.