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  • Shavuot - שָׁבוּעוֹתrevi’i, 6 Sivan 5784 - chamishi, 7 Sivan 5784
    יום רביעי 6 סִיוָן 5784 - יום חמישי 7 סִיוָן 5784
  • National Loving Day

2023 Monthly/Weekly Digital Planner with Clickable Tabs

-Comparison of Calendar Systems

-2023 yearly planner and overview

-2023 monthly and weekly planner-Sunday start

-Background: spiral planner with clickable tabs

-Each month and week are spread across two pages

-Previous and following mini-months on each monthly spread

-Date, month and year of each day in each calendar

-Important dates for each calendar

-Lunar phases: new, 1st quarter, full and 3rd quarter

-Color-coded: Blue=Jewish, Red=Christian, Green=Islamic

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