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  • rishon, 13 Nissan 5784Day: 219
    Week: 32
    Month: 8
  • יום ראשון 13 נִיסָן 5784
  • Sunday, 21 April 2024Day: 112
    Week: 17
    Month: 4
  • al-aḥad, 12 Shawwal 1445Day: 278
    Week: 41
    Month: 10
  • ٱلْإِثْنَيْن 12 شَوَّال 1445

2023 Digital Planner with Clickable Tabs

Digital planner (landscape) designed to be used with any PDF annotation software like Goodnotes, Xodo, etc.Jewish, Christian and Islamic calendars combined into one.

I call it the People of the Book Calendar, referring to the “people of scripture”, of the three Abrahamic monotheistic religions.

-Comparison of Calendar Systems

-2023 yearly planner and overview

-2023 monthly and monthly overview

-2023 weekly planner

-2023 daily planner

-Sunday start

-Previous and following mini-months on each monthly spread

-Date, month and year of each day in each calendar

-List of holidays for each calendar-Lunar phases: new, 1st quarter, full and 3rd quarter

-Color-coded: Blue=Jewish, Red=Christian, Green=Islamic

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